What Can 21,000 Gospel Tracts Do?

I haven’t posted anything on the blog for the past two weeks.

Here is the reason why.

In the span of 10 days, Christ’s Glory Church, in partnership with Hope Christian Church, 21,000 Gospel tracts has been spread abroad in Metro Manila, Philippines. What can 21,000 Gospel tracts do? In the hands of men and in the power of men, nothing. Absolutely nothing. A useless endeavor. Pointless. Pathetic. Irrational. Illogical. A waste of money, energy and time. But in the hand of God? An opportunity for 21,000 souls or more to hear the Gospel of the Lord Jesus that saves from sin, death and the wrath of God in the judgment of sinners in an eternity of Hell. An opportunity for 21,000 souls to be reconciled to God, from hostility against Him to peace with Him. An opportunity for 21,000 souls to see Him as He really is, supreme, worthy of all praise and glory. An opportunity for 21,000 souls to worship and glorify God in submission of their lives in repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus.

The printed page never flinches, it never shows cowardice; it is never tempted to compromise. The printed page never gets tired; it never gets disheartened. The printed page travels cheaply-you can be a missionary for the price of a stamp. It requires no building in which to operate. The printed page works while you sleep. It never loses its temper in discussion. And it works when you are gone from the scene. The printed page is a visitor that gets inside the home and stays there. It always catches a man in the right mood. It speaks to him only when he is reading it. It never answer’s back and it sticks to the point.

—Author Unknown

Craig Ireland (Pastor of Hope Christian Church) and Luke Stewart arrived on Wednesday afternoon (February 2).

Here is my journal.

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